Vine – Honest Reviews

About Vine

Vine is considered as the best way that you can see and share videos. It can be used to create beautiful and short looping videos in a fun and simple manner for your family and friends to see. Vine makes the watching videos fun because you can create and share it anytime, anywhere.

The videos are called Vines. This service was founded in the year 2012, June and was acquired by social site Twitter in October the same year. Your videos are published through the Vine social network and can be shared to other social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Through its application, you can browse through videos that have been posted by other social media users or those trending and popular videos. The sign up page of Vine gives the user the option of logging in using Twitter or email and it is available for Windows, iOS and android phones. How do you buy Vine likes? Visit YouTube or Twisted-Vine and have a look at that video. Buying Vine followers is quite essential nowadays. How to get Vine followers fast?


After its launch, Vine became the most popular video sharing app in the market and it was ranked the first among the most downloaded app in the iOS app store. The web version of Vine was also launched to help people explore videos.

There is also the Xbox One version that permits Xbox live users to watch looping videos. There is also Vine Kids that is specifically designed for children where age-appropriate videos fit for children are shared. Vine also has an interactive feature that allows users to swipe new videos and hear differing sounds.

Features of Vine

Buy Vine followers will enable you to record short video clips that can run for approximately six-sounds while at the same time allowing you to record through app-in camera. The camera will only record if the screen is touched while enabling the users to edit or apply slow-motion effects.

This app also has ghost and grid image tools for camera and curated channels the enable the users to reVine videos on personal streams and on protected posts. Its app also has a new loop count; this means that each time you are watching a Vine; there is a number that will appear on top of the video that indicates the number of times that it has been viewed. This loop count also includes Vines views that are embedded into other websites.

Uses and Users of Vine

Vine has attracted several users which includes music performances, stop-motion animation and short-term comedy. It has also been used for journalistic purposes and documentaries and as a promotional device. In 2013, it was used as a whole television advertisement by Dunkin Donuts.

The service has also been used by music oriented videos such as that of the song “Don’t Drop That Thun Thun” that went viral on Vines in 2012. Its popular users include the Viner KingBach that has approximately 12 million followers. Celebrity users include Josh Peck, Page Kennedy and Will Sasso.

There are many other celebrity users who have promoted their music and performance on Vine hence making them popular. The app has been received well by users.

Instagram – Raving Reviews

What is Instagram?

Social media interaction has gone to the next step. One of the most common and popular social networking platform is Instagram. Instagram is known as a photo sharing platform.

However, in addition to sharing photos among people who are connected the site allows people to share video and social networking through the videos and photos. Like Facebook and Twitter, Instagram allows people to connect by viewing their updates and commenting. Many people want to know how to buy real Instagram followers. How to buy 50 Instagram likes fast?


Instagram Features

Instagram has more than 100 million users and expanding. The platform is suitable for following the lives of friends, celebrities, and associates by looking at their photos and videos. For you to access the updates made by people on Instagram you need to follow the persons.

By following the person you get to access any updates that they make on their page. Nevertheless, you should be able to view anyone’s posting by looking at their profiles.

Most of the features in social networking platforms are similar. Moreover, once you know how to use one site, you will be able to use the others with ease. The most common features are those that are used for expression towards a posting. You can also express your moods towards a particular posting.

How it Works?

Instagram gives its users the opportunity to view photos and videos, comment on friends photos, like the photos, and tag photos. To like the photos, you simply need to double tap your screen.

You can also adjust the lighting of your photos for them to look better. Other additional features of the App include adding effects, photo grid the photos, and stickers. The app occupies only 9.93 MB of the devices space but allows you access to the files that are stored on the cloud. Instagram exists in 25 languages and is accessible worldwide.

One unique feature about Instagram is that it confines the pictures that are shared to the square shape that is typical to the Kodak Instamatic and polaroid images. You can also adjust the picture to different feels.

However, the videos are limited to a maximum 15 seconds. A video that is longer cannot be uploaded on the platform and that is what differentiates it from YouTube.


Instagram was designed to be used through an App. Unlike the other social networking sites, you cannot open an account using your laptop or desktop, you need an App like WhatsApp. The app is available for iOS, Android, Blackberry 10 and Windows. It is suitable for use with tablets and other large handheld devices.

Being on Instagram means that you get the stories and connect with people through their photos and videos. You get to have an experience of other people’s lives as they graphically open it up to the world. All you need is a handheld device and the app installed.

Once all this is in place, you can get your followers and you follow others. You can also upload your photos or videos when you like and let the world see them. If you are active, you will have many followers because many people would like to know what going on around you.